About Us

We are your health champions.

At Boutiq Medical Clinic, we strive to help the people of our communities live healthier, happier lives—and after working within the traditional healthcare system for decades, we knew we had to do something different. We grew tired of seeing people go without treatment because they couldn’t afford it. Tired of watching patients wait too long to get an appointment. Tired of treatment decisions being dictated by insurance companies instead of medical professionals.

Because Boutiq Medical Clinic is owned and operated by healthcare practitioners, we can focus on
 what truly matters—the health of our patients.

Karen Buckalew, MN, APRN-C


Karen Buckalew is the founder and owner of Boutiq Medical Clinic and has over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. She is a board-certified Nurse Practitioner, certified in Aesthetics by the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery and 2018 recipient of the DAISY Award for exceptional service. Driven by her passion to provide accessible, affordable healthcare, Karen takes pride in providing quality care and exceptional customer service.

Outside of the office, Karen enjoys traveling with her fiancé, playing with their Shih-Tzu fur babies, Basil & Bandit, discovering new restaurants and working out due to the delicious food at those new restaurants.

Out of all her travels, Finland has been Karen’s favorite travel destination so far. It’s where she became a sauna addict, sipped her first Aperol Spritz, jumped in the Baltic Sea and learned more about her Finnish ancestry.

Karen is a Daisy Award Winner for her exceptional service!

Zulieka Ariza-Torres MSN, APRN-C


Zulieka Ariza-Torres has worked in the healthcare industry for 22 years, gaining experience in emergency medicine, family care, preventative and urgent care services. After finishing her undergraduate studies with high honors, Zulieka went on to become a board-certified Nurse Practitioner and earned her certification in Aesthetics by the American Association of Aesthetic Medicine & Surgery. She is passionate about providing superior health care to her community and is also fluent in Spanish.

Outside of the office, Zulieka enjoys running, dancing and spending time with her husband and children. They love road trips and sightseeing more than anything in the world, which has made choosing a favorite travel destination next to impossible.